[SOLVED] How to download multiple files from a folder in gdrive?


there’s site link download doesnt download good files, errors…


What error?

I just downloaded files from g-drive, all good and perfect!!g-drive link
When you copy that gdrive link , check your link grabber tab in Jd app


Use Microsoft Edge it should fix your problem…
When I tried using Chrome or firefox to download file more than 1GB, instead getting all the zip files, i end up getting only one zip file…
So I switched to ME it solved my problem…
Hope this helps…


will try. buddy :smile:


same problem i cant get all files when zipping it


Heads Up Fellas:

Let we stop this discussion with a cool easy busy solution. This app do this, that app do that, use this try that, try this use that, Etc! I Noticed this question everywhere at Forum. and replied the same anwser here few weeks ago. But Here is a fix with more explainations, Kindly try this once & see results, If this doesn’t help or don’t do the deed, Come back to Prove me wrong. :wink:

I made this video for FTU’ers: To download Huge files.

You can also use JDownloader to download multiple files from cloud platforms.

NOTE: Few browsers mostly stucked to collect data and create zip, and usually Google drive will split parts if content is above 2 GB. Only few browser support Multiple files to get calculate. UC browser is one of them and you will also able to Download via IDM. Good luck!

@n0va @luffy @Aarush_Aggarwal @neil @ankushitguy @ragupal Kindly address this post to anyone if he/she need help. Do not copy/paste. just address this post location to anywhere at forum.

Lastly, You should care about solution and let things get done, Don’t bother yourself to find alternate solutions i know they are exists, But this method is most easy and reliable. This browser is fast, secure, easy features, auto Ads block, and truth is it’s my Default Browser. I’m not advertising this browser. it has only purpose to solve problem. Use it only when you download Google drive content. that’s it.

Good luck! God bless you FTU’ers :v:

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@SaM rocks!!!

That’s good one too!


Read this @ascension1110


SaM to the rescue, just tried it, works nice !!! W000T :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing :smiley::smiley:



I am following your method for downloading but I am getting one problem.
It is not asking me to allow multiple files for downloading and also it is only downloading the last part of zip files.



Am also facing the same problem.Files are not getting zipped properly.


One Sentence > Trust me, give me a Permission to use your PC for a minute. I swear i will point out the causes why it’s not zipping it and what you’re missing.

Did you saw my video? i did everything on screen. even it wasn’t ask me to click Multiple files to download.

Google search if you’re not able to proceed from this method. And remember Google is not own by this Forum. so better ask Google for this issue. Thanks!


Using this method since many days. Working just fine.


This method used to work for me. For one week, I can see that gdrive is not zipping all my file. It downloads only one zip containing some of the files.


yes. same happening with me.


But I don’t think you guys are using uc browser! As Chrome was giving me this trouble too but since I started using uc browser I haven’t once experienced that problem. I would suggest that browser. Try it once.
@Piyush_Kumar, @NikitaMalhotra


I am using UC Browser.


Ok. Then its some other problem as I said same thing was happening with me and it stopped with uc browser. Then the only solution is already given by Sam, so don’t tag him unnecessarily.:+1:


Hey bro do you notice that the files you download them can’t resume again? In idm’s window you will see “Resume Capability” No, do you have any idea to resume downloading without redownloading?