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A Place to request courses, tutorial, kindly leave your request here. NOTE: Do not request Udemy/Udacity courses through separate thread. Use Course Requests Thread to leave a request.

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Here You Can Download All Outside Releases Non-Udemy Courses. And Much More! A Gifted Category To FTU’ers. Only Admin Can Upload Here And Share Content With Members.

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Here You Can Find All Official Forum Releases Of Udemy Courses By Admin. This is a gifted category to release famous or needed courses for users. Only Admin Can Upload Here And Share Content With Members. (Note: Requests not apply here)


Share fun posts, have chit-chat to any off-topic subject. and keep it clean!

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A Place to share and request Ebook, Book, if you have any request kindly drop here. if you have ebook collection share here.

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Share any Tutorial or Make money tips and techniques, and ways to increase earnings!


A Place to share software, OS’es, tool, tutorial, request, and discussionS regarding these operating systems.

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A Place to find Solved requests and questions, kindly search here before creating request.

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Discussion about Courses posted on FCO Website.

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Discussion about Courses posted on FTU Website.

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Discussion about this site, its organization, Greetings and how it works, and how we can improve it.!

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Place to share your ideas with us regarding site, make best idea if you can or share your thoughts about our website.